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On Vacation Hosting Guests

On Vacation Hosting Guests

I’ll be having a hiatus this week. See you next week!

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Maelstrom VS. Kumari

maelstrom3Are you ready to RUMBLE? This is the first ship versus ship post and I picked an epic battle between two titans in the Federation hangar. These two ships can lay down a hail of death like no others int he game. They are the heavy hitters for sure, but one of them is more than just a puncher.

I wrote about the Maelstrom a few months ago, read here. I also wrote about the Kumari last year, here.But…

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Hosting Guests in the ‘Couv’

Hosting Guests in the ‘Couv’

For the next two weeks my wife and I will play host to relatives from Scotland. This will be their first trip to the ‘Couv’. There is so much to do and see, yet so little time to do it. Where to begin, where to begin.

Of course, no international guest can be denied an opportunity to experience the whole metro area, and that of course means; crossing those dreaded bridges into the weird zone……

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Science Captain in an Escort Ship

Science Captain in an Escort Ship

rodessaIn the past I have written two posts about Tactical Captains flying both Cruisers and Science Ships. Today I thought I would explore the idea of a Science Captain flying an escort ship. I have tried this with one of my toons and had what I would say, were decent results.

Rodessa is my only science officer of my nine characters in STO. She is a Federation officer so she does not have access to the…

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Victorian Architecture Never Gets Old

Victorian Architecture Never Gets Old

porttownsend (11 of 45)Last time I told the tale of our Victoria vacation converted to the San Juans. I also mentioned that we stopped by Port Townsend on the way home, and I would post some photos on a future blog post. The future is now :)

porttownsend (18 of 45)

Port Townsend, Washington has an interesting history. It was “discovered” by George Vancouver in the late 18th century as a “safe harbor”. In the mid 1850s the town was very…

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Soak up the Sun in Esther Short Park

Soak up the Sun in Esther Short Park

esthershort (3 of 3)

This upcoming weekend Esther Short Park will once again serve as host for the largest Wine and Jazz festival in the Pacific Northwest. Get details at the Vancouver Jazz Festival website. This is a fabulous event offers up great wines, amazing jazz and beautiful art. It all happens under the shady canopy of trees in the Northwest’s oldest public square. This event brings Grammy award winning…

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Cool Stuff for Players on a Budget

Cool Stuff for Players on a Budget

I have spent a king’s ransom on lots of cool stuff in the C-store and on the exchange, but sometimes players want to operate on a budget. After all, STO is “free to play”, right? With the sole exception of hardcore PVP, players can go all free and have a hell of good time in Star Trek Online. PVP all free would require a lifetime of grinding to get the good stuff or suffering with a kill to death…

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After the San Juans it was the Steamy ‘Couv’

After the San Juans it was the Steamy ‘Couv’

It was truly steamy today in America’s Vancouver. We don’t get the Houston, Texas treatment here very often but we sure did today. Temps were tickling the 100 degree mark and the humidity was pea soup thick. We even had some warm “jacuzzi” showers fall from the heavens. We will probably have one more sauna day before returning to the glorious summerlicious weather we all so love and enjoy. Isn’t…

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Change of Plans, It’s the San Juan Islands

Change of Plans, It’s the San Juan Islands

sanjuans (19 of 22)

victoriahotelSo my vacation in Victoria had a last-minute snafu. Upon checking my wife’s passport I found it was five days expired. Although getting into the fine country of Canada would not have been difficult, getting back would have. So the wonderful folks at the Chateau Victoria Hotel and Suites were kind enough to cancel my reservation on short notice with no penalty. I will be booking them again in…

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My Ferengi Needs a D’Kora

My Ferengi Needs a D’Kora

d'koraThis week’s post might be a bit brief. I am on vacation in Victoria, British Columbia and I had to prep this post last weekend.

OK, a few posts back I did a review of the Risian Luxury Cruiser and mentioned I wanted to fly it with a Ferengi as captain. That ship really does have “profit opportunity” written all over it. It is really too bad we can’t play characters that are independent of…

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