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Cleaning out the Garage

Cleaning out the Garage

As a Realtor®, I come across a great many homes. Quite often the garages on these homes cannot actually hold a car. Up until yesterday, my personal garage was among these storage nightmares of the ‘Couv’. Yes, I was overseeing a deluxe two-car garage filled with everything except cars.


My wife and I have raised our children to adulthood (our youngest is just about to turn 18). She has been…

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Welcome to Tier 6

Welcome to Tier 6

phantom1Delta Rising is here and I must say, I am a little underwhelmed. This is  the first big expansion since the launch of “Legacy of Romulus” a year and half ago. Cryptic set the bar really high with ‘LOR’. There is much to discuss about this latest expansion so I’ll dive right in.

First of all, Cryptic did a little UI housekeeping which is welcome. Some of the fonts were increased so those of us…

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Full Frame or Crop? 7D vs. 5D Mk II

Full Frame or Crop? 7D vs. 5D Mk II


Taken with EOS-M and 1950s Canon 85mm 1.9 RF lens at 1.9 and 3200 ISO

I have used Canon’s 1.6x crop sensor bodies dating all the way back to the D30 with 3 megapixels. I graduated to the D60, 10D, 30D, 40D, 50D, and finally, the 7D. You might say I was “all in” on APS-C. I bought several lenses that were exclusive to crop sensor cameras. Tamron 11-18mm, Tokina ATX 11-16mm 2.8, Canon EF-S 10-22mm,…

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Indian Summer leads to the Real Autumn

Indian Summer leads to the Real Autumn


Mount Hood and The Gorge from White Salmon, WA

How was that first two weeks of October? All those pesky 80s when we are supposed to be cool and wet. Don’t you just hate that ;) Well my friends, the Indian Summer is done and the real Autumn is going to take over. It is time for the ‘Autumn Plunge’. Frosty, cool and wet, with snow in the mountains will be the order of the day as we move forward.


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Stake Your ‘Reputation’ On It

Stake Your ‘Reputation’ On It

tierSince Cryptic launched the Double XP bonus a few weeks ago many more people may finally be sitting pretty at the top of the food chain, level 50. Vice Admiral or Lt. General for the KDF. Feels good doesn’t it :) Of course you only have one more week at the top because 10 new rungs will be added to the ladder.

Once a player hits the big FIVE- Oh, they get to start participating in special PVE…

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Super-Hero Genre Explodes this Season: Awesome.

Super-Hero Genre Explodes this Season: Awesome.

Who isn’t loving this TV season? Agents of Shield is back for a second season and it really started to get good halfway through the first. Arrow begins season three and it has a nice tie in with the CW’s new series; “The Flash”. Fox is running a very gritty Batman prequel with “Gotham”.

Today I want to chat it up a bit on the two new shows, Gotham and the Flash.

Gotham opened last week and had a…

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The Eastside: Suburbia and More

The Eastside: Suburbia and More

This crazy town is closing in on 200 years of age. We all know it started back in the early 1820s with the Hudson’s bay Company establishing Fort Vancouver and a little town that sprouted up next door. But my how the ‘Couv’ has grown since then.


The Eastside was almost a completely separate city. The whole eastern half of modern day Vancouver even has its own school district. Evergreen area and…

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Double XP is Doublicious

Double XP is Doublicious

droddaCryptic started offering double XP / Skill Points last month leading up to the launch of the new Delta Rising expansion pack on October 14th. I had a Romulan Tactical officer, A Borg Romulan :D I took that toon through the tutorial but never went past level 7. In just 4 days playing 1-2 hours a day that Liberated Borg-Romulan was a Vice Admiral and ready to take on the Delta Quadrant! WOW,…

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Black and White with a Splash of Color

Black and White with a Splash of Color


Back in the day and even to some extent today, artists and photographers would take a black and white photo and hand color it to add richness or a more life-like presentation. I always enjoyed the look of a fine hand colored black and white image. My favorites were the ones where the artist added just a splash of color to the image. Sometimes you would see an abstract colorization attempt that…

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High School Football is Heating Up!

High School Football is Heating Up!

There are ten traditional public high schools that serve various parts of Vancouver from four different school districts. Vancouver School District has four traditional high schools serving the majority of the west side; Fort Vancouver, Hudson’s Bay, Columbia River, and Skyview (they also have the Arts and Academics school). Evergreen School District has four traditional high schools serving the…

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