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The Wonderful World of Warp Cores

The Wonderful World of Warp Cores

Last year when STO launched the Legacy of Romulus game update they added the ability to swap out a ship’s warp core. Now captains have an additional ability to tailor their ship for a specific play style.

Warp cores come in four basic varieties and the standard rarity levels of other in-game equipment. As you all likely know, the Romulans use a warp core based on a singularity power source and…

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Our Pets for Posterity

Our Pets for Posterity


Socks, my fuzzy cat

Pets make great subjects for photos. Of course they can be difficult to photograph if they are easily excitable or fidgety. None-the-less our pets are part of our family and as such we may find ourselves taking lots of pictures of them. Of course Facebook is where most of them end up, right? Who doesn’t like a good kitty shot or puppy pic?


Maggie Mae, my wife’s Sheltie


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Mary-Jane in the ‘Couv’

Mary-Jane in the ‘Couv’

On November 6th, 2012 the residents of Colorado and Washington passed statewide referendums that made recreational marijuana legal. The two states took somewhat different approaches to the implementation of the measures. Here in Vancouver, USA we had the first two legal pot-shops open. On July 7th, Main Street Marijuana opened in Uptown Village, followed three days later by the Eastside store,…

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Tactical Captains and Battle Cruisers

Tactical Captains and Battle Cruisers

I have written about Tactical Captains in Cruisers (Click here). But what about battle cruisers? STO began with battle cruisers being the exclusive for the KDF. After all, Klingons are warriors and they aren’t flying around the galaxy looking for quantum anomalies. The closest thing that Starfleet had to a battle cruiser prior to the Legacy of Romulus update was the Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit

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Fort Vancouver Main Library; An International Hit

Fort Vancouver Main Library; An International Hit

librabrypano (1 of 1)

360 degree panoramic from the 5th floor deck at the Fort Vancouver Main Library

OK, that headline is fully loaded and the devil is in the details. As you may know, I took a little vacation last week to spend time with friends and family visiting from Scotland, UK. I was in charge of showing them around the area; yes, yes, yes… even Portland ;)

My wife’s cousin, Julie is a librarian in Aberdeen,…

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Delta Rising Next Month!

Delta Rising Next Month!

Cryptic is planning another major expansion of the game that promises to be nearly as epic as the Legacy of Romulus expansion was a little more than a year ago. There is also suggestions that a plethora of new content will stream onto the Holodeck server at least through the Anniversary event in February.

The two biggest changes appear to be the increase in level cap to 60 allowing for players to…

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Canon EF-S 10-22mm

I bought the Canon EF-S 10-22mm USM lens recently and decided to run comparison shots with my Tokina ATX 11-16mm. I love the Tokina ATX lens, it is sharp and enjoys a wide f2.8 maximum aperture through the zoom range. The Tokina lens is also a finely crafted lens with build quality that rivals the best offerings from Nikon and Canon’s own “L” series lenses.

So why then did I buy the Canon lens?…

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On Vacation Hosting Guests

On Vacation Hosting Guests

I’ll be having a hiatus this week. See you next week!

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Maelstrom VS. Kumari

maelstrom3Are you ready to RUMBLE? This is the first ship versus ship post and I picked an epic battle between two titans in the Federation hangar. These two ships can lay down a hail of death like no others int he game. They are the heavy hitters for sure, but one of them is more than just a puncher.

I wrote about the Maelstrom a few months ago, read here. I also wrote about the Kumari last year, here.But…

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Hosting Guests in the ‘Couv’

Hosting Guests in the ‘Couv’

For the next two weeks my wife and I will play host to relatives from Scotland. This will be their first trip to the ‘Couv’. There is so much to do and see, yet so little time to do it. Where to begin, where to begin.

Of course, no international guest can be denied an opportunity to experience the whole metro area, and that of course means; crossing those dreaded bridges into the weird zone……

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